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carole king

  • fermer les yeux, écouter

    the sound of your name (Charles Aznavour, Carole king)



    The sound of your name comes to me any hour
    on wings of the wind, like the scent of a flower
    how can I explain, it's impossible power
    The sound of your name

    The sound of your name is a Valentine greeting
    a bell when it rings and a heart when it's beating
    and drawing a spell where all things keep repeating
    The sound of your name

    Your name is a song that I long to be writing
    the music is strong and the words are inviting
    exchangeable melodies strangely exciting
    I found in your name

    The sound of your name can bring times of desire
    that flares like a flame as it climbs ever higher
    that burns in my senses and turns them to fire
    The sound of your name

    But love is a game that continuously changes:
    the players, discoveries the risk and the dangers
    we started as lovers, we ended as strangers
    now where can I turn?

    Your name's the ghost of a chance that you gave me
    a grave little dance just enough to enslave me
    and only my grief, what is there that can save me
    if you don't return

    At night in my dreams you are there, an obsession
    I whisper your name, like a prayer, a confession
    you've entered my soul and you've taken possession
    and whom can I blame?

    For you are the heaven on earth that I sigh for
    the high unattainable moon that I cry for
    as long as I live, I will live and I'll die for
    The sound of your name